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Skin Care After Acne and Acne Scar Treatment If you finally got rid of acne, then you will need to take some measures so that you avoid further outbreaks and any scars on your skin. Although oil-based creams are not the cause of your acne, nor they promote the development of this skin condition, you should avoid them. Therefore, just after the acne treatment you should apply sunblock on the affected areas. Furthermore, in order to prevent it from reappearing and scarring, it is important that you follow a treatment prescribed by a dermatologist. The after acne treatment and scars prevention also implies that you wash your face, back or chest more often with a soap that does not dry your skin. Even though some doctors will recommend that you avoid oil-based products in treating acne, you should ask your dermatologist to prescribe you with a moisturizer, because hydration plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. One way you can avoid scarring is to use very gentle and soft exfoliates and facial masks that are able to remove the layer of dead cells, without damaging the skin more. Sure, some acne treatments require you to use your hands in order to apply them. However, you should not touch those areas or unaffected skin more than that. In addition, it is important that you wash your hands before and after you apply the treatment. While having acne you will feel very tempted to cover the pimples with make-up, scratch them or pop them, however you should avoid doing any of these, as they are the main cause of acne scars. In treating your acne it is important that you look for help once the first symptoms start to show, because this way you can prevent serious breakouts and cure it faster and easier.