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==Date Submitted==
==Date Submitted==
*February 16, 2010
*February 16, 2010
==Submitted By==
[http://getliberty.org/ Americans for Limited Government]
==Information Requested==
==Information Requested==

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Gary Locke Secretary of Commerce.


  • Department of Commerce

Date Submitted

  • February 16, 2010

Submitted By

Americans for Limited Government

Information Requested

  • All records relating to daily schedules including attendees at meetings held by and attended by Secretary Locke;
  • All records relating to travel performed by Secretary Locke on behalf of the Department of Commerce (Department) including disbursements issued to him or on his behalf for such travel; and
  • All records relating to speeches given on behalf of the Department by Secretary Locke including the text of any speeches given.

FOIA Request

View the Schedule and Travel of Department of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke FOIA Request

Documents received